Our Clients

Typical Clients

There are no typical clients. Our customers come from all walks of life including professionals,
business owners, retirees
and others. Age is not a factor. Sometimes we deal with people who
have received a large sum of money through selling a home or from an inheritance. We will
work with those in the middle of their career or someone who has faced a life-changing event.

For each individual we assign an experienced professional to offer the consultation and support
appropriate for the situation. Some of the people who benefit from our services include:


This is a stressful time, especially with both adults working full time, dealing with education decisions, extracurricular activities like sports, as well as family responsibilities. It can seem overwhelming with little time to consider the financial decisions that could affect your own lives as well as those of your children.

Our goal is to help these families plan for the present through budgeting and for the future through risk management. We also are able to advise on insurance options since the premiums are significantly lower for the younger adult than one nearing retirement.

Through careful planning, we are able to help these clients invest for a golden retirement without sacrificing the activities associated with a growing family.

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These are individuals who are established in their career but still devoting a significant amount of time concerned about future expenses like college funds. It is also the age when caring for parents becomes an important factor. Sometimes this is referred to as the “sandwich generation,” caught between children and elderly responsibilities.

Through our services at MDL Financial we can help streamline some of your decisions like refinancing a mortgage, career opportunities, long-term tax planning, and specifics of retirement plans. Our role as a financial counselor will incorporate any or all of these issues. We have options available and can help you arrive at reasonable or creative solutions. We are your partner to arrive at good decisions for today and tomorrow.


The entrepreneur as well as those running small, medium and large business concerns make decisions every day, all day sometimes. They are concerned with protecting their capital investment but sometimes are less aware of the need to protect their personal interests as well. We can help with:

  • wealth accumulation

  • avoidance of unnecessary tax burdens

  • wealth preservation

  • creditor protection

  • wealth distribution to themselves, their family, estate and charities

  • employee benefits and insurance

Our approach in this circumstance is to develop a customized plan for both personal and business situations. We start with the tax structure to maximize wealth and estate proceeds. We also work with attorneys to develop buy-sell agreements and strategize about funding for these
objectives. One suggestion we offer is corporate life or disability insurance that can help hire a replacement in case of disability or to cover some business expenses.

Creditor protection is another service we can provide. By periodic reviews of the financials we are able to protect personal assets from creditor claims. Benefits offered to employees can help attract and retain the best staff and that will provide a competitive edge in marketing and production.

Instead of relying on the sale of the business for retirement income, we can help develop a retirement plan to supplement business interests. As you can tell, the financial advisor is a key source of ideas and materials to retain and grow a business interest and to plan for the future.


Approximately during middle age people begin to seriously consider retirement dates and lifestyles. Without proper planning the retirement years can fall short of desires or even expectations. In fact, many people choose to work as long as possible for the intellectual stimulation and social effect. What they want is freedom.

Through our efforts we can help realize these individuals’ dream of financial security. We begin with a conversation and questions about expectations and concerns. We incorporate your value system so that we can make the best investment decisions. Some of our tasks include:

  • Develop a sound cash flow plan for spending in retirement;

  • Review your government benefits, e.g., CPP and OAS, to identify the optimal time to begin drawing these benefits to maximize the likelihood that your financial plan will be

  • Help you understand the mechanics behind taking portfolio withdrawals to support your freedom;

  • Assess the impact of a health-related issue, or issues, on your overall retirement plan.


Economic downturns or recessions can severely impact the person on a fixed income or who relied almost entirely on equity investments. Appropriate diversification is an important component of having a reliable retirement income.

Our professionals will discuss your desired level of risk. Once we have set some benchmarks, we are able to monitor your account and advise about economic conditions and possible alternate scenarios.

There is no reason you should travel through retirement without good counsel and a financial advisor.

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