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Our Clients include successful professionals, business owners, and other high-net-worth individuals. MDL serves young and established families, professionals and business owners of any age, and pre-retirees and retirees.

From time to time, MDL assists Clients who have suddenly received a large windfall from an inheritance, the sale of a home, or even lottery winnings. They often need more time and advanced financial expertise to manage their new fortune, but they know that working with a well-designed financial plan can protect and grow their newfound wealth.

Our Clients are usually heavily scheduled with professional and family obligations, and they do not have a large appetite for risk with their core financial assets. They turn to MDL as they would rather entrust the growth of their financial assets to an unbiased advisor with wealth and investment management expertise.

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All our Clients want well-planned financial advice to maximize the growth of their personal resources while minimizing tax burdens. They understand that having a budget, routinely saving money, and investing contribute to their financial well-being. But they know that a comprehensive financial strategy that grows their assets and minimizes tax obligations will take their financial approach to a higher level. So they seek financial experts who understand their life goals and know how to achieve those goals, whether it be a desired lifestyle during retirement or help with investment planning to grow wealth.

MDL financial advice and wealth management services pivot on well-designed financial plans that squarely aim to provide stable long-term returns. Our financial plans only feature investments that we know well and fully understand. Casino investing is not for our clients or us.

Our clients often have MDL review their personalized financial plan every three to five years or when there has been a meaningful change in their lifestyle or resources.






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