Individuals usually begin to consider retirement dates and lifestyles in middle age. But saving for a comfortable and worry-free retirement requires a comprehensive financial plan.

In a perfect world, people begin saving for retirement early on. That way, they accumulate wealth over a more extended period and invest additional assets to realize long-term growth to fund a comfortable retirement. But sometimes, people start saving for retirement later in life and require a well-designed financial plan to maximize growth over a shorter period without assuming unnecessary investment risk.

With a well-designed, comprehensive retirement and estate plan, you can take comfort in knowing that your financial future is on solid ground. A successful retirement plan demands that your financial advisor understands your retirement goals and identifies solutions to any barriers.

To help Clients nearing retirement realize financial security, we begin with a conversation about expectations from their retirement lifestyle and concerns about reaching these goals. From this point, we will then:

  • Design a financial plan to maximize savings and grow investments for the remainder of your working years;
  • Develop a sound cash flow plan for spending in retirement;
  • Review your CPP and OAS to identify the optimal time to begin drawing these benefits to maximize the success of your financial plan;
  • Optimize the mechanics of portfolio withdrawals to support your lifestyle; Assess the impact of health-related issues on your overall retirement plan.

In addition, MDL provides estate planning services that integrate with your retirement plans. This way, you will be assured that your executors will manage your estate to your wishes. MDL will consult with your other specialist advisors (accountants and lawyers) to ensure nothing is left to chance. Finally, we offer succession planning services to entrepreneur clients nearing retirement.

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