Approximately during middle age, people begin to seriously consider retirement dates and lifestyles. Without proper planning the retirement years can fall short of desires or even expectations. In fact, many people choose to work as long as possible for intellectual stimulation and social effect. What they want is freedom.

Through our efforts we can help realize these individuals’ dream of financial security. We begin with a conversation and questions about expectations and concerns. We incorporate your value system so that we can make the best investment decisions. Some of our tasks include:

  • Develop a sound cash flow plan for spending in retirement;
  • Review your government benefits, e.g. CPP and OAS, to identify the optimal time to begin drawing these benefits to maximize the likelihood that your financial plan will be successful;
  • Help you understand the mechanics behind taking portfolio withdrawals to support your freedom;
  • Assess the impact of a health-related issue, or issues, on your overall retirement plan.
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