Investing Is The Key To Wealth

Investing Is The Key To Wealth

Secure your retirement dreams smartly.

Financial goals such as saving for your children’s education or your eventual retirement require appropriate investment strategies. Investments should be made early so your assets have more time to grow for more financial security.

We set our Clients on a path of financial security based on stable, sound, long-term investing. MDL Financial has over 30 years of experience building retirement portfolios that have stood the test of time.

MDL Financial’s sound approach to investing focuses on minimizing investment risk while ensuring long-term returns. We concentrate on sectors, funds, and large companies that can withstand market turbulence while returning growth and regular dividends. Dividend income ensures that your portfolio grows over time, even through adjustments in the stock market. Our investment approach leans heavily on low-risk investments such as segregated funds, GICs, or blue chip dividend stocks. As well, we can build a low-cost ETF portfolio for you based on your tolerance for risk.

We help secure your investment portfolio.

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Whether you are saving for retirement or progressing toward other life goals, we will build a portfolio with mixed asset types to balance portfolio risk, offer steady performance, and mitigate volatility. We diversify portfolios across asset types, sectors, and geographical markets to minimize market risk. We will periodically adjust your portfolio’s asset profile to ensure it performs optimally.

With each Client, we first start with our Client’s life goals. We ask about the purpose of the investment before we open the account. Is it to save for retirement? Is it to save for an investment property or to open a business? With the Client’s goal top of mind, we begin our financial planning. At MDL, investing success comes down to planning. And we ensure a Client’s investment strategy aligns perfectly with their overall financial plan.

We stay on track by regularly monitoring progress to our Client’s goals so that we can make timely course corrections as needed. By investing with a purpose, we monitor performance to know that we are moving the needle toward your wealth goals.

Benefits of working with a personal financial advisor

Three reasons to hire a personal financial advisor:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the technical nuances of planning for your financial future, and you want a road map for achieving your financial goals. You need to know that your financial plan puts you on the right track to achieving your financial goals.
  • You don’t have the time to deal with financial planning. You want a professional to manage and execute your financial planning so that you can concentrate on your business or your practice. You know that rushing through financial planning can lead to costly mistakes and losing money.
  • You like managing your money but realize that your financial plan would benefit from an investment manager’s impartial and unemotional opinion.

Everyone will eventually fall into one of these categories. At one point or another, when you feel like you’re second-guessing your decisions, know that an MDL Financial advisor will be there to help.

Investment management fees

For those looking for a white glove service, we offer a comprehensive investment strategy that will integrate into a cash flow, tax, and retirement plan we develop with you as a team. This will include ongoing reviews, investment advice, and financial planning. There is a graduated annual fee depending on the amount invested.

  • First $1 million is 1%
  • Next $1 million – $5 million is .8%
  • Next $5 million – 10 million is .6%
  • Customized pricing available for accounts $10 million and up

Additionally there are product costs of:

  • Actively managed portfolios (i.e. investment counsellors, mutual funds, segregated funds) have embedded fees that typically range from .4% to 1%
  • ETFs range from .05% to .85%
  • GICs and annuities do not have embedded management fees. A sales commission is factored into the yield of the product

Why choose MDL Financial for your investment planning needs?

  • One phone call away to answer any questions you have.

  • Personalized investment plans tailored to your exact needs.

  • Local Ottawa Financial Advisor

  • 30+ years experience crafting investment portfolios that give you peace of mind.

  • Competitive fees.

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