Gilles Berube

Financial Advisor

Prior to joining MDL Financial Group in 2011, Gilles ran a successful photography business for over 25 years. After the photography world changed to digital, Gilles thought it was a good time to pass on his saavy business knowledge that he acquired over the years to other business owners in the community.

Having completed a rigorous education program through FP Canada, Gilles is now in a position to call himself a Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP). Combined with his extensive business acumen, the education program gives him the skills and knowledge to help all business owners in need of financial planning.

Gilles primarily deals with comprehensive financial plans and risk management strategies. Where he looks at cashflow management, investment planning and tax mitigation strategies to make his clients financial plans as efficient as possible.

When Gilles is not working with his clients, you can find him out on his boat fishing with his family or out at the cabin hunting with the boys! If you have interest in the outdoors, make sure to drop him a call as he’s never too busy to talk about his passions. Fishing, hunting and finances!