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Gabriel Lalonde, CFEI

Certified Financial Educator

As the second generation to operate this family business, Gabriel is committed to the established values of trust, integrity and personal client care.

After graduating from the University of Ottawa, he completed the CFEI (Certified Financial Education Instructor) designation which empowers him to host regular educational seminars open to the public. Participants can learn how to start working towards financial independence in a non-pressured and fun environment.

After spending time in Vancouver working in financial and technology areas, Gabriel returned to Ottawa to transfer his financial background and relationship building skills to helping young families plan for their future.

At this point, Gabriel focuses on working with professionals who combine their busy workday with the demands of family and friends. Because they have little time to devote to the intricacies of financial investment, they trust Gabriel’s management.

Gabriel is the person to turn to as you continue to build your career and lifestyle. He is able to address your financial planning options and future.

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