lunch and learn

Did you know that 61% of employees say personal finances are their #1 stressor?  

Sadly more Canadians are stressed out about their personal finances than ever before and studies show that financial stress causes staff members to be less productive, less engaged and less healthy.  That leads to more time away from the office and fewer days helping the company grow.

It's clear that sound financial literacy is essential in this complex world of personal finance and investing.  At MDL Financial Group we've made it our mission to make a difference in our community by offering free workshops on a vast array of financial topics.

Financial literacy is the perfect topic for your next corporate training, so let us help your staff focus on their finances with the opportunity to attend our Lunch & Learn that is proven to improve employee engagement.

What does a Lunch & Learn with us look like?

  • 10 mins: Getting acquainted and getting setup.
  • 30 mins: We will give a short presentation on the basics of financial planning.
  • 10 mins: We will answer any finance or investing questions that may come to light.
  • 10 mins: We'll pack up and say our goodbyes!


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