Traditional Fully-Insured

What is a Traditional Fully-Insured health plan?

A fully-insured health plan, is also known as the traditional way to structure an employer-sponsored health plan.

What can you expect from a fully insured health plan?

  • The company will pay a premium to the insurance company.
  • The premiums will be fixed for a year, based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan each month.
  • The monthly premium will only change during the year if the number of enrolled employees in the plan changes.
  • The insurance company will collect the premiums and pay the claims based on the coverage benefits outlined in the policy purchased.
  • The covered persons (e.i. employees and dependents) will be responsible to pay any deductible amounts or co-payments required for covered services under the policy.

If you would like to learn more about traditional fully-insured plans, contact your MDL Benefits Specialist.