Flex Plans

Nowadays everyone is looking at flex plans because let’s face it, with workforce demographic changes, traditional one size fits all just doesn’t cut it anymore.

A well-designed flex plan can help provide competitive advantages for plan sponsors and be HIGHLY valued by its employees.

Flexible benefit plans help the employers manage their costs while providing health coverage relevant to their employee’s actual needs.


Firstly, the employer will set a budget. Then they will decide on a few options to offer the employees, both on the health and dental. Usually, not many options are given on the Life insurance, STD and LTD.

Secondly, the employees will select the options/coverage they need. Depending on the options they choose they will have Flex-credits available to them, which are usually tied to a Health Spending Account which if not used, can be rolled over into the next benefit year.

Flexible benefit plans provide employees with greater choice regarding their benefits, and provide employers with an opportunity to:

  • Control their costs by defining the dollars to be spent.
  • Increase employee awareness regarding benefit costs
  • Encourage employees to become more responsible shoppers for health services


Most benefit plans are administered through easy to use technology, from setting up the plan at the plan administrator level, to on-boarding the employees. One of the AWESOME things about the online plan selection for the employee is that they get to see how much the employer is actually contributing to their benefit plan, which in turn increases the employee’s awareness and overall value of the benefits.

To find out more about Flex plans, please contact your MDL Benefits Specialist